Diana Moyet-Trerotola, Board Member 

Ms. Moyet-Trerotola joined the board shortly after retiring from the  Federal Bureau of Investigation.  What she enjoyed most about being a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI was the relationships she established with liaison partners and the community.  She is an M.B.A. graduate from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia in addition to obtaining her Masters of Theology from Holy Apostles College, Cromwell, Conneticut.  Her education and vast work experience bring the ability to develop and strategize ideas and projects to promote the mission of Samaritan Blue.

Meet our Board of Directors

Toni Marie Chrabot, Founder and Board Chair

Ms. Chrabot retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and founded SAMARITAN BLUE Inc. in an effort to make a positive impact on law enforcement relations with communities and raise awareness of the many unselfish, thoughtful and courageous actions taken by police officers and other public servants, everyday.  "I was struck by the deeply negative dialogue surrounding policing in general.   My intent and hope is that through Samaritan Blue, Inc we can accomplish our mission of raising awareness, offering educational opportunities and facilitate platforms for promoting positive dialogue and productive relationships."

Allen Horne, Fundraising Chair
Mr. Horne  is a recently retired business executive. A former award winning sales and marketing professional, he worked for Fortune 500 companies for 30 years before forming his own Management Consulting business. He brings his efforts to Samaritan Blue with a desire to make a positive impact on the community.

Chelsea Newberg, Public Relations Chair

​Ms. Newberg is a recent graduate from the Florida State University Public Relations program. She combines her skill set and passion for public relations with her desire to help change the narrative between society and law enforcement to aid in the efforts of creating a more open conversation. “I believe what we are doing at Samaritan Blue is invaluable for today’s society. It is easy to focus on the negative stories, but it is imperative that we bring to light all the men and women dedicating their lives to the protection of those around them and help the effort to replace distrust and fear with confidence.