Samaritan Blue, Inc. has partnered with the St. Johns County Schools' International Marketing Academy,  providing an experiential learning opportunity for students. 

Students are working on "Focused In."  Students crafted a survey, conducted focus groups and continue to conduct analysis of survey results.   The hope is to better understand the current climate and support productive relationships between police officers and teenagers.   Take our survey on the home page, or click here

Samaritan Blue, inc. Promoting Positive Dialogue

Educational Research Project ‚Äč

"Focused In" is a program of research and interaction, focused on learning the perceptions of teens and young adults about police officers.  From the teenage perspective we seek to learn the issues, facilitate productive dialogue and support positive interactions with police officers. 

Through the "Focused In" program we hope to effect positive change in police dialogue, interaction, and training as it relates to interacting with youth in communities across the country.